The beginning of a story written by a grade 4 girl ...

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If you want to know who's the greatest mystery solver in the Berstove family, it's Seville Berstove. Seville had short black hair, brown eyes, skinny arms and legs, and had a bright personality.She was the only child, sad, but true.

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On the bright side, she had three cousins with extremely different personalities. They all had their own problems. Brittany and Bethany Berstove were twins.They both had freckles, long blonde hair dyed pink and green, big green eyes, dimples, and thin eyebrows. Their problem was never agreeing with each other.They always end up ripping each other to pieces like two ferocious lions scratching and bitting. Bonnie was the third cousin. Bonnie had long brown hair with some hair dyed red, lips with red lipstick on, blue eyes, and an annoying personality. If she sees anyone with better style than her, she always copies them like an annoying parrot squawking whatever you say.

For this summer, the whole Berstove family was going to the fancy, elegant, and humongous sized hotel! that included Bonnie's parents , the twin's grand parents and parents, and the same thing for Seville. The hotel was the best anyone had ever seen! It is called the Gilski hotel. The big family was still on the huge but boring car. It was piled with chip bags, sour smelling expired milk cartons( With milk still inside), and for some weird reason, smelly clothes puddled with sweat, mixed with the odor of skunk, rotten bananas and garbage. The only entertaining thing in the car feasting your eyes to the sights that everyone could see.

After the whole family has gotten on the car, the car started zooming away. " Seville, did you know that the Gilski hotel makes tons of money each and everyday?" Asked Bonnie. " Nope. But I've heard that the hotel was very famous and enchanting. Replied Seville. " Looks like the kids are already very exciting. " Chuckled Seville's dad. " Oooooooh! I always wanted to go to the massaging place they have!" Exclaimed Brittany. " Brittany, you always 

After a long while, the family had arrived at the magnificent viking sized hotel. Just when they entered the hotel, they saw that the hotel owned fluffy red carpets that were made from the sheep's fur. " Wow! this is so elegant! It's almost like we're going to live in a mansion owned by a king!" Exclaimed Bonnie."Umm... i'm pretty sure the king's home is way bigger than this."Laughed Bethany."I'm not sure if anyone else agrees with me, but I think a king's castle is almost the same size as the size of this hotel."Announced Brittany. Bethany grumbled. She hated it when her sister tried to make her sound wrong, especially in the public. As they wandered further, they saw the humongous swimming pool along with colorful water-slides. There was numbers of servants bringing cold, sweet, and juicy smoothies to the relaxed and comfortable guests. There was water spraying from the   red tiled floor tickling the peoples' foot! Kids were splashing water wildly that the adults' clothes got wet!
" Hey guys, check this out! The hotel even has a golf
course and a tennis course with crowds of people!" Exclaimed Seville. " Look! They even got their own massaging place with
with shiny mirrors, fabulous beauty secrets, and workers giving guests special treatments! I love it ! " Squealed Bonnie. " Okay, okay kids. Settle down. We all know that you're all excited but we will go wherever you want after we check in the hotel! " Whispered Brittany and Bethany's dad. A group of people were looking at them. " Fun spoilers."Grumped Bonnie.
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