• 一般讨论 / 家长百事 / 有大学女生的家长看过来,朋友孩子的大学家长脸书群里发的。 有大学女生的家长看过来,朋友孩子的大学家长脸书群里发的。 +3
    本文发表在 rolia.net 枫下论坛We want to alert all parents of an alarming incident on Saturday night, March 10th. My freshman daughter was invited by a male friend from her dorm, to attend a wine tasting event hosted by the fraternity he had recently joined. Turns out it was held at an off-campus apartment, rather than the frat house. From what we know, she was there for 1.5 hours at most, and had one glass of wine, poured from an open bottle. She remembers ABSOLUTELY NOTHING from 10:30pm until she woke the next morning at 11am, and called us immediately in tears. This was an apparent drugging of the wine. She has no memory of how she got home, but was told by her roommate that she arrived back at her dorm with the same male friend at approximately 10:30pm. When she awoke Sunday morning, she was in pain and realized that she was covered with bruises, to her face, arms and legs, from apparent falls along the way home. Another friend actually saw her on the way home, and called her Sunday to ask if she was ok, because she had appeared to be completely out of character. Again, my daughter has absolutely NO MEMORY of any of this. She contacted campus police on Sunday, and was told to contact Madison police because it was an off-campus situation. She called Madison police and filed a report over the phone. That is where we stand at this time. She may also have a concussion from the falls. At this point we are so thankful that she returned to her dorm and woke the next day. We will be following up with the police ourselves to see if an investigation has begun, and are going to contact the fraternity as well. Please share this critical information with your daughters.更多精彩文章及讨论,请光临枫下论坛 rolia.net
    • 谢谢提醒。不要说这种试酒会,就是在外面party的地方,开了的饮料也要非常小心,去趟洗手间回来就不要喝了,不然就带进洗手间。这世道,哎。 +6
      • 去参加爬梯一定要自己带酒水并且不能离手,这是该立的规矩 +4
        • 我倒没给闺女立规矩,她自己挺警惕的,跟我说她去party都是饮料随身带着。 +1
          • 我也是这样教孩子的。很怕被坏人下毒 +3
    • 大学里经常发生这样的事情。。大学女生交友很重要。女孩子从小就应该立下规矩,出了校园(尤其参加PARTY)都要和家长保持联系直到回到宿舍。绝不允许在外面喝酒和过夜。现在的社会危险因素太多。 +3
      • 做家长真是战战兢兢,边做边看边学
    • 男生也要小心,不和不熟的人聚会,大麻毒品,沾上一口就完蛋了。 +5
      • 是滴是滴
    • 有男生的家长也要注意。美国几起Fraternity男生互相灌酒被灌死。家长投诉学校,灌酒者判刑。 +2
      • 汗,还好我家男孩子觉得酒好难喝 +1
    • She may need to do a rape kit. +1
      • 是的呀。太吓人了。还要怕艾滋病 +1
    • 前一阵子看到一个迷案追踪,讲的是2022/12月华盛顿州立大学28岁的研究生因谋杀4个爱达荷大学学生被捕的案件。被害的四个学生住的屋子就是爬梯屋。经常被投诉。 前一阵子看到一个迷案追踪,讲的是2022/12月华盛顿州立大学28岁的研究生因谋杀4个爱达荷大学学生被捕的案件。被害的四个学生住的屋子就是爬梯屋。经常被投诉。
      法庭文件公佈之後 愛達荷案件有了重大更新:其中的一名室友竟然在案發時 親眼目睹了兇手.....
    • 唉,孩子长大真不容易啊
    • 谢谢分享。提醒的及时! +2
    • 太吓人了,这些爬梯男生就是找免费性,对女生没有基本的尊重。男女生都要注意,nerd估计一般不会去这种爬梯,看来也可以是一个优点 +2
    • 女生太大意了。一般女生都抱团出去,不会单独行动。兄弟会,能指望他们干什么? +3
    • I don't want to believe this is truly happened.